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Shipping Rates

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I am brand new to Shopify and just launched my website a few weeks ago.  I have entered the weight for all the products but I can’t seem to understand the shipping part. I have had multiple people contact me saying their shipping was very expensive.  How do I set up my website so it combines all the weight of the products in their cart and generate a shipping calculation according to the total weight?



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Hi  KaileySteph,

Usually Shopify shipping works based on the weight of products added to cart and the shipping destinations.

Weight-based rates let you set minimum and maximum cart total weights for your flat shipping rates. For example, if you want to charge different shipping rates for orders below and over 3 kg. Using weight-based flat rate shipping, you could set a shipping rate of $10 for orders under 3 kg, and a flat shipping rate of $15 for orders over 3 kg

You can refer this article for more details about shipping: 

Also, you can look into the Carrier calculated shipping rates that are provided by carriers which you are using that you add to your store. When a customer reaches checkout, their cart information is sent to the shipping carrier, and they return what you should charge for shipping. The benefit of carrier-calculated shipping rates is that you can offer exact cost of shipping an order directly to the customer. You can check out more details here: 

Incase if your products are different and have different dimensions, it will be better to use dimensional shipping that allows you to get accurate shipping rates. You can use an app like the Multi Carrier Shipping label that helps you calculate shipping cost according to the products weight as well as dimensions.

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