Shipping: Shipping Zones and Rates are not working

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I am new to Shopify and am having trouble setting up shipping for inventory that I have on hand. I have tried to set up zones in North America using carrier app and rates. I also added a fixed rate. 


To make sure that this worked before making my store go live, I went to my store and tried to follow a customer experience (shopping, adding things to cart and checking out). I have no problem getting the items from drop shippers to ship to my address, but when I try to order things that I have on hand (personal inventory) Shopify doesn't let me check out because I "haven't set up a zone that delivers to me" ( I am using my United States address, so if I set up shipping zones for the US, it should let me ship to me. 


I have watched every tutorial on this, I have added all the weights to the items I have and also double checked to make sure that I am creating shipping zones that ship from my address. I have also selected packages and a default package style. 

Is there something that I am missing that I am doing wrong? 

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samething is happening to me. 4 days ago everything worked normal and then i wasnt able to purchase anymore shipping labels from UPS shopify shipping rates. im not using my account. so idk whats  wrong with it. if anyone can help me with this will be much appreciated.

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Same here, I have 3 different rate options, two work properly, one doesn't. And the shopify support doesn't get it either. 
So if anyone knows the solution, I would be gratefull to hear about it!