Shipping status updates OVERRIDE notification settings

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This has been an issue since the 100+ glitches update.


Now when third-party apps push shipping statuses to Shopify "Out for delivery", "Delivered" etc, this forces the notification emails to be triggered despite having these boxes UNCHECKED in Shopify notification settings.


I have been talking to Parcel Panel, 17TRACK, AfterShip, Track123, Hulk Order Status Tracker over the past 5 weeks and they have all come to the conclusion that this is a Shopify issue.


So currently since Shopify's 100+ Glitches update, if you want shipping statuses updated in Shopify (to maybe later trigger review request emails based on delivery), notification emails are ALWAYS sent to the customer, regardless of your Shopify notification settings indicating you don't want "out for delivery" and "delivered" notifications sent.

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