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Hi. I'm located in Panama City, Panama. Sadly, in Panama we do not use zip codes, so I haven't been able to setup sub shipping zones within Panama City, in order to apply different shipping rates. Currently, for the country of Panama, Shopify only provides state or province shipping zones (there are 9 provinces in Panama), and for the time being, I've only been able to setup one general shipping zone for the province in which my store is located, and manage shipping rates manually depending on final order destination. As I said, we do not use zip codes here, so all the apps for creating shipping sub-zones based on zip codes would not work here, I need to create sub-zones based on neighborhoods or customs regions within Panama City. Is there a way to do this?

Just to clarify, there is:

Panama, the country

Panama, the province

Panama City, our capital and main city, with 60% of the population, where everything happens. I need to be able to create shipping zones within this city.

Thanks, Raul 

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Here is what you need:


Enjoy 🙂