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Shipping USPS selected packages

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Hello everyone,

I have selected USPS as my shipping carrier/method. I have added 3 packages (Priority Mail Regional Rate A1, B1 and Padded Flat Rate Envelope). Of course these all have various sizes. Now my product (spices) do not weigh much and so calculated in ounces.

Now if I add one product to the cart and calculate shipping it comes up with $11.53 to ship from Texas to California (as an example), which is the Regional Rate A1 rate. What I want to know is why didn't the Shopify Shipping select the Padded Envelope instead of the box? And to top it off, if I put 15 items into the cart and calculate shipping it still stays at $11.53 for Regional Rate A1, but it should have bumped it up to the Regional Rate B1 box because I know that putting 15 or more into the Regional Rate A1 box would not fit. The dimensions of my product are 2-1/4" x 1-3/4".

Can someone please help with this?

Much appreciated and have a great day,


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Hey Caprice (@Whymzy),

Shopify only sends off one package size for your live rate calculations, called your 'default box size'. When you look at the package sizes you created, you will see 'default' beside the one you've selected as this. 

We created Smart Boxing to solve this exact issue. Using the app, you can create dimensions for your products and the package sizes you ship with. At checkout, our proprietary SmartBoxing™  algorithm will virtually 'pack' the order (think of it like Tetris!) and determine the most efficient/smallest packing for the order and return accurate live rates at checkout. Please bear in mind that third-party shipping apps don't have access to Shopify's negotiated rates, but you can create a %-based discount to mimic them or pocket the difference to be used for incidentals such as chargebacks, lost packages, returns etc. (a lot of our users opt for this route).

Please feel free to book a demo or contact us directly at The app is free to install and we offer a free 14-day trial to take it for a test drive. Since the app defaults to 'Testing Mode' when you install, no live changes will be made to the shipping in your store until you activate the app.


Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping Inc.
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