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Hello, I'm a beginner at dropshipping and I'm trying to figure out one question; if anyone has an answer, or a page to redirect me towards an article, that would mean a lot.


I'm trying to figure out how to set up my shipping origin with my suppliers' location. 


If I require any more support/information beyond this, I will ask. Thank you in advance.

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Try going to Settings > Locations and add their location (or edit an existing location to use their address).

On the product details page you'll see the locations that stock inventory for that product. The location in step 1 above that you assigned your supplier, make sure they are selected.


If that doesn't answer your question, I think it would help to explain what the outcome you want for "how to set up my shipping origin with my suppliers' location". For example if it's something that shows up in notification emails, you can edit that in the notifications templates. If it's something else, explaining what you want to achieve exactly should help get a clear answer.

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