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I would like to offer Worldwide shipping to all my customers but I find it very confusing and time consuming when picking products to sell from multiple AliExpress suppliers. 


Some suppliers ship to specific countries and some don't. What if a customer orders a product from my store and the supplier isn't able to ship to that country. There's no option in Shopify to exclude countries by product. Even if there was, it would be very time consuming to add these excluded countries manually per product.


How does one offer free worldwide shipping without knowing all the countries multiple AliExpress suppliers ship to?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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Hi @figgy911! Gabby here from Community Engagement at Spocket.


Have you had the chance to explore our platform out? Membership with us gives you access to thousands of suppliers based in the US and EU, offering quality products that can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Our smart filters on our catalog makes it easier to look for these products as well based on your needs, and I think would make it easier for you to look for products that can generally ship worldwide. Fortunately for you and many others though, a majority of the suppliers of our platform indicate only two shipping options so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for you to adjust shipping prices or to offer free shipping - usually it's just local or worldwide. It's very seldom that our suppliers list down a lot of countries they don't ship to - it's usually just around 1-3 countries.




About adding information that mentions the countries a certain product doesn't ship to, while doing it manually can be time consuming, it's always recommended that you indicate this on the descriptions despite the fact that most of the time, two options for shipping are only offered. This creates transparency between you and your customers - this helps build trust as well. Thankfully, Spocket's interface makes it easy for you to do the manual process of indicating this information, as seen in the screenshot below of our "Import List" page:




If you want to learn more and do some exploring yourself, you can check out Spocket's website! You can also respond to my answer to you hear for the questions you may have about the app.