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I want to setup Shipping charges as follows:

Toothbrush charge for 2nd class large letter - 1.20

Toothbrush plus another product charge small package - 3.50

Currently, it is adding the postage together.  

Would welcome your assistance 🙂

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I'd like this too - the ability to disable combining the shipping from different profiles, so that only one fee is charged.  Both profiles shipping from the same location and can't seem to be able to do this.....

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Hello @Plumd,

 Have you created two shipping profiles for a toothbrush and another product separately?

If you had created two shipping profiles, then the checkout page shows combined shipping rates whenever a customer adds 2 items.

If you want to get the postage for each product separately, you can remove the products from different shipping profiles and add all the products in one common general shipping profile under one category.
You can test the order after creating one common category, then checkout will display 2 postages for each product.

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Sorry I'm not sure this works.

To reiterate I want to charge £1.20 for a toothbrush if ordered as a single item.  If ordered in combination with other products then I wish to charge £3.20.

If I add a new rate to the existing setup I cannot differentiate by product, just by weight or price.

The toothbrush us currently set up as a custom shipping rate which is why you are saying it will add two lots of charges.

Looking forward to a response.