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Just getting ready to open my shop. So confused about shipping. The dimensions of my items will be easy to set, but the weights vary...but by just a few ounces. Not sure how to calculate rates. Can I just set for the highest weight and charge that? If I set flat rate instead of by weight, how do I print the correct label, since some pieces may actually cost more than the flat rate while others cost less.  My plan (basic) doesn't allow me to use anything but shopify shipping....I can't find a way to use apps like Pirateship.

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Hi, @Vjdtx.


Thanks for the post and congratulations on being so close to launch! 


Creating a shipping strategy can definitely be daunting as there are many pros and cons to each approach. To determine the best method, I would need a bit more information regarding your products and your order forecast. For example, are these products extremely heavy? Do you foresee customers ordering multiple products at once, or only a single item? 


Generally speaking, if your objective is to pass the exact cost of shipping on to the customer, then calculated weight based rates are the way to go. Even if the weights fluctuate by a few ounces, Shopify can calculate these weights together. Simply weigh your products and account for that weight when editing your products. When a customer places an order for said product, it will use that weight, your box dimensions, along with your fulfillment location and the customers address to provide the exact cost. All you will need to do is print the label!


To touch on your mention of Shipping Apps, these apps can be used by adding Carrier Calculated Shipping to your account for an additional $20 a month on your current plan. However, if you are in the US, or Canada and plan to use USPS or Canada Post, you should be able to achieve what you are looking for by using Shopify Shipping.

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