Shop Pay Confusing Customers at Checkout

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We have received a crazy amount of contacts in from customers that click on the "Shop Pay" button at the accelerated checkout and are confused why they can't select other payment methods.


They can't exit Shop Pay after it's been selected so now they are stuck and we get the abandoned check out notices. 


We added a note to the top of our cart saying not to click on any of those accelerated checkout buttons but we still have people that don't read until it's to late and start complaining about how they are stuck at the checkout process.


Please add a function that allows customers to exit the shop pay checkout process if they accidently used it.

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Why don't you hide the Shop Pay button?

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Because we need a down payment system, as Lay-buy said it was no longer doing US. 


We have a lot of customers that like using the installment feature. What I would like is to remove the express checkout at the top of the checkout page but Shopify broke all the codes that allowed you to hide those. We also don't want to pay an app to hide that.