Shop Pay Fraud Protection for Shopify Merchants

Shop Pay Fraud Protection for Shopify Merchants

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We had a large order on our Shopify store. The person used Shop Pay and ordered $1200 in product but ordered several items in an xxl in the same style which is very unusual.


If this was a fraudulent purchase are we protected if the charge is denied down the road?


We area small start up and would hate to take a loss.



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I also have this same question.

I've read through the Shopify Protect documentation several times, and tried asking the A.I. assistant this same question. But the A.I. just responds with the conditions when the dispute is won but ignores queries about when the dispute is lost.


Can we have an official statement on the Shopify Protect policy for lost chargebacks?

Is the protection offered limited to only the initial credit to your account while the amount is in dispute? Then you're on the hook if the dispute is lost?

Or is this an insurance policy that covers the amount of the dispute, regardless of the verdict?

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