Shop Pay Installments payouts are on hold?

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When I logged in this morning, I saw this message on my store page. Does anyone else have this? Does anyone know how long this normally lasts?

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I am seeing the same thing.  I reached out to support  but have no answers yet. 

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Hi friends, @billybob68 and @NoSurrenderGear


This was an on-going issue yesterday and we were waiting for resolution before we reached back out with your inquiries. It has now been resolved and those red banners in your admin have now been removed if you were part of the issue. We definitely appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter.


If a red banner still is present in your admin, then we recommend you simply follow the instructions included in it to resolve the matter on your end. Moreover, we always recommend you review your email inboxes to see if you have received any correspondences directly from our teams if your payouts happen to be on-hold; replying directly to these emails will also lead you to the proper steps to lift such holds on your account. 


Definitely let us know how these work out for you and if you need any further assistance or clarifications.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hello, Mr. Daniel, I have received the same notification today. Received my first order and then  after several hours this message...

I am not sure what to say about this, but I need the funds to continue my business.

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Same thing happening to me I literally don't know what's going on 

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I'm in the same predicament. I received the same notification in my inbox, were you able to resolve it? If so how because support isn't giving me any clear answers. 😢