Shopify 3D Secure enablement using Cybersource Payment Gateway - 3DS 2 Payer Authentication SOAP API

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Hi Support,

Felipe here from Philippines.

We would ask regarding 3D Secure enabling to my shopify account and I've using Visa Cybersource Payment Gateway.

But Cybersource requiring fully 3D Secure transaction and their recommendation is contact shopify to configure Cardinal Credentials.

I tried to browse to your help guide and found out that need to sign up to cardinal and load to payment settings of your Shopify admin. But this settings is not available to my shopify dashboard.

Can you help me what will be needed to configure to my shopify.

By the way Cybersouce Payment Gateway required 3DS 2 Payer Authentication as integration in SOAP API.

Also may I request a procedure or process to enable 3D Secure in my shopify.

Appreciate your quick response.

Thank you so much.

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Hey there !!! Is this issue resolved? I am facing the same issue here in Nepal. I have integrated Cybersource into my store, everything is working correctly but 3DS is not yet enabled. Enabling 3DS is mandatory to carry out transaction with my bank. Would entering cardinal cruise credentials in Cybersource business centre fix the issue?? Please help !!!