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Shopify and Printful payment processing.....

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I'm trying to get a bead on how this process works for my soon to go live store.  Is it as simple as a deposit (shopify) and then a withdrawl (printful) and whats left is profit?  OR, do the timelines of these two companies create the need for a large fund of cash in the account to handle payments?  If it's one after the other then a smaller emergency fund is workable.  

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Tim,

Great question! The first method you mentioned is exactly how it works. When a customer submits an order, Printful will automatically take their product price from the amount paid and you will receive the difference of whatever additional amount you chose to charge on the product.

I would recommend giving this a read for a more detailed explanation. You may also want to check out what they note right here.

If you still have any other questions, you can send them over to Printful's support at


Matt | Shopify 
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Hi Matt, thanks for the reply.  I've been digging into this issue and am getting some conflicting and honestly, rather upsetting news.  Since Shopify doesn't pay me for 3 days, I will need to pay for any and all Printful orders that come in out of my own pocket and I need to manually process each order to extend the shippoing times 3 days to avoid that.  Thats a pretty awful approach.  Extending shipping times even further is gonna drive away customers and manually processing orders just adds more work.  My only option is to add a credit card to cover all the orders I may get.  This little tidbit of information REALLY needs to be highlighted.  It's a pretty bad list of options to work around the problem.  

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Has shopify fixed this since your initial post? I don't really want to pay out of my own pocket for the product that the customer initially bought. Or is there a way around it to where I don't have to pay out of pocket? 



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I'd like to know the same thing.

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My solution is to only use Paypal. Probably not what you want to hear! I set up Paypal as my method of payment on Printful. The customer pays with Paypal and it immediately goes into the same account. Printful bills their portion and I keep the rest. Tested and works. I know its not credit card processing but it means you don't pay for an order upfront.

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When you say “only to use paypal”, and this might be a stupid question, but would the customer have any other options to use as payment? I hoped these payments would’ve went through Printful, automatically calculated through cost and paid us with remaining profit, but hearing that Spotify doesn’t pay you until 3 days after and Printful needs that money asap... I’m lost and confused. 

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It appears that between the two services, printful and shopify, theres a disconnect when it comes to billing. There is no option i see to have printfuls wallet system charged with the customers order payment. It looks like the pay out period for shopify is every 3 to 4 days so if you can support 3 to 4 days of orders then technically you should be fine. I'm going to set up a separate bank account and load a decent amount into it and then just let printful charge that down to minimum amount and it should all be paid back with in those couple days. Unfortunately just like any business its going to take some start up money. The more starting cash you can put into it the more sales you can support and so on. Perhaps the best work around would be a limited order amount say you can only sell 6 items a week, then the button goes grey and unclickable once that number is met. and with the profit over time you can then increase to say 10 and so on.

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This problem still hasn’t been fixed eight months on from your comment. I had a long chat with a “support” person from Shopify tonight and realized that while I paid for orders placed by customers on the 10th, I won’t receive a payout from Shopify until the 15th (because of the weekend). This is a ridiculous problem. Every other third-party shop I’ve sold through does PayPal payouts, meaning you’ll get your money instantaneously, but Shopify refuses to add PayPal as a payout option. Instead, your funds are held hostage in a ridiculously slow transfer process through a bank account. My brand is growing and people have been asking for this shop. I guess I’ll have to find something else. I’m glad I got a free 14-day trial so I didn’t waste money on a system that doesn’t work for me.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Dear Community Folks!


The advice given by us in the first post here is from 2017 and therefore outdated. Please note the updated information here so that you have the correct information:

  • The first thing would be to go to the Printful FAQ page where you will get the latest information on this topic: This explains why merchants should add the billing method on Printful end due to money they receive from customers who pay on Shopify which is not automatically transferred.
  • The following is therefore incorrect: "When a customer submits an order, Printful will automatically take their product price from the amount paid and you will receive the difference of whatever additional amount you chose to charge on the product."

We would ask you to contact Printful Support for any further questions either here or via their Facebook page.

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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Yup that's gonna work but you can't disabled all other payment methods so you can't really tell what payment method the customer is going to use.