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As a retailer the majority of the items shipped will bear the company's name.  Had a very expensive item shipped and lost in transit.  After multiple calls, emails to Shipsurance, they have decided to deny the claim because it was in the manufacturer's original box.  How is it possible that this item arrived at my location thru UPS with no issues, but once shipped to the customer, it became an issue with Shipsurance?  They took the money for the coverage, but refuses to pay for the item.  They won't even pay for the wholesale cost.

Can someone please let me know if this is even legal?  We are so unhappy with this company and it may cause us to cancel our Shopify account.  I may have to file a grievance with the better business bureau.

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I'm having a heck of a time with them as well. For at least 4 months we've been dealing with a claim. They continually asked us for more photos, we'd upload more photos, and then they would tell us that we didn't submit the information they needed. We had given them everything they asked for from early on, so when I asked for clarification about what they needed that they didn't already have, they copied and pasted a generic response about needing photos of the box. They already had a dozen clear photos of the box along with ~50 emails back and forth.

After getting the runaround from them, I pressed them for more information and by the time they responded, the case had expired, and they cited "lack of response or interest" on my part. I immediately emailed them pointing out that I was awaiting their response, not the other way around. We continued going back and forth on the case since then (about 2 months ago) and they are generally unresponsive.

I've been in business for 15 years and have had to deal with many claims in that time. This is the most painful of all of them. 

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Yup, they just denied my claim. Absolute nonsense. Here was the email:

"We have received and processed the claim referenced above. The claim will be closed due to the following violation(s) of the coverage
The claim has been closed. The outer shipping carton was either the manufacturer's packaging or it alluded to the contents."

So it can make it to me in that box from the other side of the world without issue, but when I ship it to my customer in my country in the same box, it's suddenly not good enough? What a scam. Shipsurance is absolute garbage. They were clearly dragging their feet on this for months in order to come up with an excuse to deny the claim.

Shopify - You can do better than these people.

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Is there anyway to avoid shipsurance when shipping through shopify, we are no longer interested to deal with this unprofessional company, who seems to accuse their clients of that they are filing fraudulent claims. It is ridiculous that shopify is keeping them deal with the shipping insurance, we are ready to file a legal action if shipsurance continue doing what they are doing.