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Shopify Chargback Response Time

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Can anyone help me understand the Shopify response timing to chargebacks?


We receive a handful of chargebacks each month and I immediately respond and submit all the additional information. However, I still get emails 3 weeks later telling me that the response was submitted. These emails fall on the day of the automated response noted when the chargeback was opened. 

I was assuming that my response was submitted on the date I submitted it, but cannot seem to have that confirmed. Shopify support was not helpful.

Every merchant service states chargebacks should be responded to immediately. I have no expectation of winning every chargeback, but on other platforms, I win a much higher percentage with even less effort. 


Orders placed at the beginning of Dec 2022 shouldn't have until Mar 1 2023 to have a response submitted as that just seems way too late, but all of the CB claims we got seem to have that sort of timing. I submitted my responses within 48hrs of receiving notice, but today got an email saying it was just submitted 39 days later. I have an email confirmation of my submission and response. When I click to view the response, it's in there, but the chat rep showed me a screenshot of their response with additional information that was merely an amount and the last 4 card numbers. That is definitely not sufficient. 



Is Shopify waiting to submit all this on the final date they show? Would this contribute to my loss rate on this platform? Is there any way to submit these responses faster? 




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