Shopify checkouts too long and FB/Instagram checkouts not available in my country

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I get a lot of messages from  customers telling me they don't know how to order. I realized they are trying to order with Facebook and Instagram checkouts but these are only available in USA I am not from north America. it means I am losing sales because they want to order there and not on the website. When I try to direct them threw the checkout process with Shopify it is really long and they get confused because of this I have a really high abandoned cart rate for example 54atc, 11 initiate checkout and no sales with a little over 1 euro per add to cart.


in short I am asking is it possible to do something about the checkouts on fb and Instagram. Is it possible to have a 1 page checkout for Shopify with an app or coding maybe? any advice or suggestions on what to do.


thank you 

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