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Shopify CIN7 Shipping Confirmation email

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Hey All,


We have a shopify site set up with CIN7 integration. Orders working fine but we are not getting automatically sent shipping confirmations to the customer.

  • We are set to manual fulfilment
  • Completing the order in CIN7 fulfils the order and writes the tracking code to Shopify but does not trigger the shipping confirmartion
  • If I go into the order and fulfillment box and click more then edit tracking (changing nothing) a shipping update is sent (this is not the shipping confirmation)

Any advice on how to automate this rather than making my "shipping update" look like a "shipping confirmation" and  having to click into every order to trick it into sending?





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I had the same problem.

If you go into your Integrations module on the right side of cin7, and click the channel you'd like to edit, then go to Settings via the gear icon on the upper right, and scroll down almost all the way down, you'll find a little dropdown box under the "Customers" category that says "Notify Customer on Fulfillment". Select "Yes" and the shipment confirmation emails will be triggered when an order is dispatched in cin7. Took me 2 hours to find. Hope this helps anyone to be frustrated for less than 2 hours.


Take care and be well.