Shopify decides to end Payments account and hold over 20.000 USD of funds and nobody replies!

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Out of nowhere, Shopify decided to end our Shopify payments account and are currently keeping over 20.000 USD worth of funds. They are hiding how much is truly being kept; the payout page says the last payout was 2 weeks, and none of the new orders that where processed are shown. Note: we' haven't had a single refund or chargeback! 

Additionally, from the order page, some orders are marked as "Paid out", but aren't! 

We have been sending emails to "Nora" form Shopify almost every single day and she never replies! She avoids every single question we've asked! 

It's also impossible to speak with anybody on the phone and I have been waiting in their "support chat" for 45 Minutes!!!!!

How on earth is it possible for something like this happen? How do they expect merchants to be able to run their small businesses if they decided to keep 20.000USD in payments with no information on where the funds are? 

Imagine you're trying to run a restaurant, have to buy your supplier and suddenly someone comes in and takes 20.000 USD without any notice. 

What are we supposed to do??? Call the police on them???

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