shopify doesnt help

shopify doesnt help

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Shopify has been holding my payouts for 23 days now, and I haven’t received any updates or explanations. I’ve chatted with 27 agents, and all they do is tell me to wait for the team. They say they can’t help or give me a way to contact the team directly. Meanwhile, the team hasn't sent me a single email, not even to provide an update or a reason for the delay. My rent is due in 2 days, and I’m about to lose my place. I’ve already spent my wages paying back the credit I took out for this business. I told one of the agents that I lost my mom recently (RIP) and this whole thing is making me feel like not wanting to live anymore. He told me to contact emergency services. What am I supposed to tell them? That I’m feeling this way because Shopify ruined my life? It feels like Shopify doesn’t care unless you’re a big player.

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@Daviddundon 'm very sorry to hear about your situation. Given the urgency, try escalating the issue by contacting Shopify's support through social media channels like Twitter or LinkedIn, where you might get a faster response. Additionally, seek immediate support from friends, family, or local support services to help with your immediate needs and well-being.

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