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Shopify First Class USPS maxed at 13oz?

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Attempting to set light weight USPS package parameters and from my view it is regulated to a max of 13oz. However, USPS many months ago set the max first class rate at 15.9oz for $4.33.  How do I fix this and get max first class upto 15.9?  MAybe im ust tired and missing something...any help would be appreciated.  Thank you Bran

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I am not sure USPS has extended the weight limit of First Class service. I just checked the website and found that it is still 13 oz. Would it be possible for you to provide us a link or a reference using which you could get this understanding about 15.9 oz as the limit. Also, for getting cheaper rates above First Class, you can try to use Retail Ground service. You will get this service with the Multi Carrier Shipping label app.

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