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Shopify has disabled my store and held $10k in payouts for 3 weeks without addressing it

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Shopify is holding over $10k in payouts for over 3 weeks and Cancelled my account


1. is holding the payout for some large orders made (around $10k for about 3 weeks now)

2. cancelled my website ( and i had to use this url because they wouldn't let me post with the cancelled site)

3. Ignored my ticket and haven't reached out in two weeks when they said they'd address what's going on within 48-72 hours.  (Ticket number is 18385279

4. I reached back out to the original person/ thread that reached out to me (when offered that I could reach out) and no response.

Finding someone to help seems impossible.  There's a lot of money at stake here for due to lack of communication on shopify's end.

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Yea, Shopify support is horrid to be sure.  Especially the 'risk management team'.  Bottom of the barrel type.