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We have a store that uses Stripe for card payments.

The store currently is locked to GBP as most of the business is there.

We want to use IDEAL and found that Mollie have a solution that is available through Alternative Payments.

So we signed up for this and have test keys and made a test transaction.

Mollie returns an error of wrong currency.

Shopify currency choice is locked because of Stripe.

Any advise on how to add a second currency by locale using the current set up or do I have to change to using Shopify payments to get multi-currency and then Mollie ?



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Your store can only have one currency enabled at a time. Your best workaround if you hope to offer more than currency is by having a separate store for your secondary market.

I say this because multi-currency is only available on Shopify Payments, which is only available to select countries, and does not work with third-party payment providers. That and, if you're using Stripe, that would indicate that you're based in a country where Shopify Payments is not available to you. Stripe is not available in countries where Shopify Payments can be used.

To use Shopify Payments when you're not based in an eligible country would require that you can prove that you're business is operating out of an eligible country. Even if all documents are provided, we can not guarantee that you'll be able to use Shopify Payments. 

What country are you operating out of? 

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