Shopify Installments Payout Not in my Transactions

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Well where to start, talk about Shopify Support not knowing what to do.  I sat on the phone for over an hour today trying to be transfered to someone in the payments office, they kept telling me their support was limited on what they could do.  I asked to speak to their manager, supervisor, boss and they couldn't do that.  All I can say is this company is horrible.  


My problem:  I recieved an order on Wednesday March 22nd for $770.00 and it was paid through Shopify Installments.  I have my payouts scheduled for every business day and it wasn't paid out today, not only that it's not even showing up in my transactions scheduled to be paid out.  I'm furious as it looks like this order is going to be a problem and who knows if I'll ever be paid for it.  When calling to speak with someone that can't seem to find out where the money is, when I'll get paid if I'll get paid for it.  


The support for Shopify is horrible for the amount of money they receive from business owners.  No help, no support, just horrible!!!!! 

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