Re: Shopify Klarna Checkout API will it ever happen?

Shopify Klarna Checkout API will it ever happen?

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Do shopify have any news according to the klarna checkout (express checkout), have waited quite some time for this and was really hoping it would happen soon.


I am not talking about Klarna Payments (the slow solution), i want the expressed checkout when everything is filled in from the beginning and goes smooooooth.

Please update me with this, 90% of the successful stores (im not counting influencers personal store) have the express solution. 


It should be a huge step to take the market in Sweden? So why wont this happen? Please tell me.

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Hi @Roar_Sweden,

You are not alone waiting for this to happen! I'm also looking for a way to integrate Klarna Checkout (KCO) on our stores, and it would be nice to get an answer if it will be possible in near future or never happen.

I'm hoping the release of Shopify Online Store 2.0 could make this possible since there seems to be some changes to the checkout where Shopify will allow developers to build custom checkout experiences (you can read more about this here: Extend Shopify Checkout with apps). If this means that it will be possible to integrate Klarna with full experience (express checkout), I don't know. It would be nice to get an answer from Shopify or Klarna if it's a technical issue, competitive issue or something else.

It's gone so far here that we are testing other platforms just because of the current checkout experience, it's just such a huge deal breaker for us. We are seeing a lot of customers leave once they get to the checkout because it so many steps you have to go through to complete a purchase. The scandinavian customers are so used with express checkouts where everything is already filled out and you just click "complete purchase" and you are done.


I really hope Online 2.0 will fix this because we pretty much like everything else about Shopify. An answer to if it's ever going to happen would be nice though!

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I really hope that they are working on a solution, we are in more or less the same position, have worked on our page for so long on shopifys platform. But after we read of others who have lost a major of their conversions after they dropped klarna checkout, we are really thinking of another solution. 

I have talked with klarna earlier and they told me that the problem lays on shopify, klarna is ready to launch as soon as they get a greenlight.


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It is _really_ strange that Shopify still have not resolved this issue. Klarna checkout is a must and Shopify must know this?

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Seems like One Page checkout didn't make any difference of express to ever happen. 😞

Just feel liks this should been resolved by now.


More or less every other supplier have solved the klarna checkout