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With the Shopify API, is it possible to either fulfill pieces of items :
      Fulfill quantity .25 of Item A

Or overfulfill:
     Fulfill quantity 3 of Item A when Item A was only ordered for 1.


The reason I ask this is because a client has bundled parts that in our system are components. Our fulfillment needs us to fulfill all components and we need to send that back to their Shopify site. The issue lies in we don't have a one to one match. I can match up the components to the parent item in Shopify but they want to know when fulfillment exists for each component even if their shop states one item. 

TLDR; Anyway to fulfill less than 1 ( I have tried and it did not work) OR fulfill more than one ( have not tried this ). 

Thank you in advance!

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You can only fulfill according to the quantity of the line item. So if you have a bundle of 3 items but quantity 1 of that bundle, then you can either fulfill the entire line item.


Couple ideas to work around this:

- You can use order notes to keep track of tracking numbers for items in the bundle

- You can use order tags to quickly filter orders that partially fulfilled (for example, tagging order if partially fulfilled bundle, then save that shortcut link so your staff can quickly identify those orders for processing)

- You can also use the order timeline comments, maybe to say when something is fulfilled, so it will be timestamped

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