Shopify payments 120 day reserve extended???

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My Shopify Payments account was restricted 120 days ago and the email they sent stated I would get my payout released on Feb 21st (today). I contacted them yesterday and today on the same email thread since my account payout section still said 'pending' next to it instead of 'in transit' or 'paid'.
I just refreshed my payouts page and suddenly it is showing June 20th which is in another 120 days. Can they put my account on another 120 day hold for no reason?? I never even had 1 chargeback in the 1st place when they closed my account. This is infuriating and after 3 emails over 3 days not even one response, they just extended 120 days with no explanation or warning??? They already ruined my business for no reason and now why is this continuing? I'm hoping this is a mistake, at this point this is extremely unfair to keep extending the deadline for absolutely no reason and holding my money (initially $32K but had to refund half to my customers). Please if someone can assist me and clear this up.

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Hello, i have the same problem from 2 days. I don't know how resolve it but maybe i will change payment provider.. Have you resolve it?

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Same here, thieves