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Hi, my name is Sabry. For a couple of days, I have opened a new site selling Limited sneakers. I have been getting orders, however, Shopify has put a hold on my payouts. They are asking me to provide documentation that proves I am an authorized reseller. They want me to include documentation that comes directly from Nike and Yeezy, which is absolutely ridiculous. Reselling has been a thing for years and totally legal. I am NOT a retailer. I resell the products based on market prices. Now my payouts are on hold and I can't get paid out in these harsh times.

I don't mind changing to an alternative payment provider. I just want to make sure I get my payouts that are on hold at shopify payments now. Please help

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I have the same problem , can anyone help me to get my payout !!! I contact the support by Email with all information + My identity. 

please help me to get my payout !!!

they told me the standard review take 3 days but right now it’s take more than 5 days with no reply 

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My payouts have been on hold since December 11. I have contacted customer support twice and both times have been told I'm in the queue for a "routine" review and they are working as quickly as they can. Shopify, if you don't have the peoplepower to do these reviews in a timely fashion, you should not be reviewing as many accounts.  I know it's a challenging time to run your business, and it certainly is for me, too. I may be small potatoes in the whole scheme of things, but with a husband layed-off due to COVID, those dollars matter. 

I've been a customer of Shopify since 2013. I've have referred others to Shopify over the years, have helped other small entrepreneurs design and setup their sites, and am currently helping one young man get his site ready to launch. For the first time ever, I am having doubts about this platform. 

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They have blocked my client's payment and disabled shopify payment for regular furniture and home decor products by saying that it is risky products. They have hold payment for 120 days which is unacceptable, no one holds payment for such a long period. Payment is around $900 and now my client is in a bad situation they just saying copy-paste reply like we have this..this..this policy and we need to hold it.
We were very excited to be a Shopify partner but after this incident, we have stopped recommending Shopify as the solution to our clients.