Shopify Payments - BRL to Brazilian Market

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I've been facing difficulties using Shopify Payments for a few days and with multiple back and forth with Shopify's support, without success so far, so I'm asking for help to the community.


My store is based in the US (company headquarter) and has USD as the main currency.


We aim to sell to the Brazilian market, with the consumer paying in BRL, as advertised by Shopify Payments.


Support claims that the settings are correct, however, when the transaction is made in BRL, on a Brazilian credit card, the purchase is declined by the bank/card and the customer receives a text message from his bank suggesting that the transaction be repeated in the store's local currency ( USD).


Anticipating some possible questions:

- The credit card is international and is enabled for international purchases (even knowing this shouldn't be relevant, as the purchase would be charged in BRL).

- Several cards were tested, all without success.

- One of the cards used is the same one that Shopify monthly fee is charged (in USD).

- We ran a test having USD as charging currency and the transaction was approved.


Does anyone have any idea what can we do to handle this situation?

Although it is not what's advertised by Shopify Payments, I think it would not be a problem for the user to see the price in BRL and, when at the checkout, being charged in USD for the equivalent value.


Thank you all for your help!

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Was there any resolution here? I´m setting up my store and I have the same issue only for the Brazilian market!