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Shopify payments business name discrepancy

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I have a problem with connecting my Shopify payments because the name in my business registration certificate, i.e. my company name does not match my brand name ie  the name of my shop.


This should not be a big issue as you can imagine, since a lot of companies have a brand name that is different to their company name, which is why I am so surprised that Shopify cannot get this resolved in a timely way.


I have been waiting for many days now and continuously followed up every day, around five times in total now Via chat box, and the only response I am able to get from anybody is that they will follow up and that the  relevant high-priority team is already working on this but then again I don’t hear from them. 


I have emphasised the urgency and the fact that I have delayed my launch for many days now because of this issue. I am at my wits end and didn’t know what else to do other than post here, because the chat people cannot provide a substantial answer or any help or even an estimate as to when I can expect to hear back.


Shopify should understand that time is money, and we cannot be waiting for days on end with no end in sight in no update and no timeline and endless ticket numbers.


I have already told customer service that I am going to switch providers by a certain time today if I do not hear back with a substantial answer.


Does anyone here have any ideas on how to more quickly get this issue resolved? No more ticket numbers pls

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What do you suggest?

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Hi Mudanna, 

I have the exact same issue with them too.

Did they get back to you on this or is this resolved now? They just told me they are going to escalate it with no timeline but my business is costing me every single day... 

Appreciate your help