Shopify Payments - Cannot see "Countries/regions" section in Settings

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Hello, I'm quite new to the Shopify  

My Shopify store project uses Storefront + Headless frontend, the payments are handled by Shopify Payments.

The shop is settled in NL, but it has clients for ex. in UK and I would like to show prices for them in GBP.

For that I would like to add dropdown for a country-currency selector on my frontend.


I was trying to set up Shopify Payments to use multiple currencies according to that Article . 

However I cannot see neither "Countries/regions" nor "Currency" section in settings.


Could you please help me with the following:

1) Could it be that multi-currency is not available for NL with shop currency set to EUR?

2) What plan is required to enable the multi-currency feature?

3) I have the Shopify Market set in the store settings, could it be the reason I cannot the the country/currency settings in Shopify Payments?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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I have the same issue! Also in NL.


Did you manage to solve it? And how?


need to fix this asap too!