Shopify Payments / Creditcard Payment Gateway without official Authorization for branded Products

Shopify Payments / Creditcard Payment Gateway without official Authorization for branded Products

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Dear Shopify Community,

i hope you all are doing well.


I own a Sneaker Online Shop where I sell branded products like Nike, Adidas, etc.

As a resell shop, we don't have an official agreement with these brands to sell their products, which is also not legally required.

A few years ago, we integrated Shopify Payments, which was working fine.

However, at some point, we received a lot of suspect orders with credit cards that had a high fraud level.


Subsequently, we received an email from Shopify stating:

"We are constantly monitoring the products and types of businesses using the Shopify Payments gateway. We have found that you are currently selling Nike, Bape, Diadora, Supreme, and other brand-name products. In order to support the sale of these products through Shopify Payments, we'll need to verify you as an authorized reseller.

As a result, we will need to gather some additional information from you. During this review period, you will notice when logging into your Shopify Admin a red banner stating that your Shopify Payments account has been placed on hold. This payout hold will remain on the account until we are able to complete our review and make a determination for continued use of the Shopify Payments gateway.

Please provide any and all documentation from the identified brand showing you have permission to resell products that use their intellectual property and branding. This requirement applies to all recognized brand-name products, regardless of whether the products are brand new, refurbished, or bought independently. This documentation should include:

Authorization directly from the brand/copyright holder. Invoices from your suppliers from which these products are purchased (under certain circumstances, our banking partners will accept these invoices)."


This was in 2019. After such a long time, we want to reintroduce a credit card payment option for our customers. We believe we are missing out on a lot of sales since we currently only offer PayPal and Klarna.

We've also tried to get approved by other payment gateway providers, but the same problem persists with the official agreement, and we keep getting rejected. I noticed that PayPal offers different payment methods like "PayPal Credit," but unfortunately, this is not supported in Germany.

Alternatively, there is the option for "PayPal Advanced Checkout," but since Shopify does not allow integration of such custom builds, this also won't work.

Now I'm wondering, what are my options?

Is there any way to offer a credit card checkout again?

I really don't know what to do anymore. I've asked many providers, but nobody can help me without an agreement.


Maybe someone here can offer assistance or has any ideas on how to fix this. Getting an agreement seems almost impossible for us, so that won't work out, sadly.


Looking forward to any responses and ideas from you. Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


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