Shopify Payments kept our funds for over 3yrs, told me we're lucky to get them back

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I'm posting in here as I'd like to understand if anyone else has experience this or if we're just "lucky".


We had an order come through over 3yrs ago that looked risky so we made contact with details that were provided and discovered that the cardholders number was used but it was a fraudulent order. We processed a refund for the customer. This was on the 8th June 2020.

On the 31st July 2020 we received a chargeback on that same order. At the time I contacted support and was informed we would receive the original funds back. This didn't happen until we finally received them on 31st August this year. When the funds were returned I received multiple emails from Shopify payments support telling me I should try to give the funds back to the customer again, wording it as I was keeping their money, when we were already out of pocket for the chargeback fee and the customer should have received their funds through the chargeback process.

I'm now getting attitude from customer support, telling me I'm lucky we got out money back, with no apology for keeping it in the first place. I feel like customer support is no longer supporting their customers the way they used to (it used to be very personalised 10yrs ago with actual account managers and regular meetings), and I'm curious if this a one off and I really am just lucky or if this is something other business owners have or are experiencing?

Would love to hear from anyone who has experienced similar..


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