Shopify Payments Payouts on hold for a month

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Hi all,

my account has been on hold for a month now. I've seen from suggestions I'm not the first one having troubles with Payouts, however I didn't see other people's issues being the same as mine so I figured to open a separate topic.
I've immediately tried reaching support to unlock my hold on payouts as I understood I need to provide some information but I never received an email with the details. After trying multiple times to talk with support, support situation was abnormal, as they confirmed an email was sent... but my provider did not receive anything. It's not on spam or as deleted email. Mind this is a Gmail inbox and I receive all kinds of Shopify newsletters, so it should have been received without issues.
I provided an alternative email (Outlook) but I didn't get any response afterwards.

So, here I am asking: is there a way to provide the data needed by Shopify elsewhere?


I went through a similar pain with PayPal and their support is much less helpful/human than Shopify's support, however in the same situation PayPal managed to solve this much more quickly - perhaps the fact I could call them via phone managed to get things sorted more quickly.


I have too much money blocked in payouts, suppliers need to be paid and I am aware closing Shopify Payments will end up hurting my business much more than Shopify, as tens of thousands are not worth much for a colossus.


Hopefully somebody has some idea? Thanks!

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