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Shopify Payments problems in Spain

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I  just opened my store a last week, and noticed that many of my customers in Spain are getting their credit cards rejected.


My store is located in Canada, but I'm selling and shipping internationally.  4 of 7 customers in Spain have attempted to pay with their Spanish CCs, and had all multiple times "do_not_honor", some with multiple cards.  I can see it in "abandoned checkouts" the multiple attempts to pay, 2 or 3 times, and sometimes with a different card as well. My girlfriend tried as well with her Spanish credit card and also wasn't working.  It seems there is something wrong with processing of Spanish cards, with such a high number of problems, I find it hard to believe it's on the customer's side... can anybody look into this please?  It seems we're losing customers here...


Thank you!


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same question