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Shopify Payments, Stripe, and Saving Card Information for Draft Order Creation

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As a developer for a business that often places draft orders for customers using card information stored on file, I am confused as to why this option is not available for Shopify. We are in the process of migrating our site over to Shopify, and the failure of our current (now legacy) site forced us to fast-track development on our Shopify site. I am aware that Shopify Payments is powered by Stripe. One of Stripe's biggest selling points is the ability to save a customer's card information through tokens and customer IDs that are only verified on Stripe's servers. Why do Shopify merchants not have the option to save customer card info for later use if Shopify has PCI-compliant servers of its own? More interesting is the fact that merchants cannot integrate Stripe's API into our stores, but have to pay for third-party apps that charge additional transaction fees, use convoluted pricing and payment models, and poor and incomplete customer integration, JUST to save payment methods for our store customers. I have heard much about Shopify in the past, and was excited to begin working with it, but I'm finding that it segments so much functionality into multiple apps (which all have their own portals and management systems) and prevents basic E-Commerce functions. This is an integral part of our business, and not having it available is forcing us to look into other alternative E-Commerce tools. Some assistance, guidance, or clarity from Shopify would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you find a solution? I'm looking at Wallee right now, but that's another $20/mo and looks fairly involved.

I'm working for a beverage company that provides a tap system to customers and wants to be able to charge them if the tap isn't returned. I'm having serious difficulty finding a simple solution. There used to be checkout related apps that allowed that, like PayWhirl, but Shopify has forced them to kill their legacy apps in order to use the new ones integrated with Shopify Checkout. 

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Hi Dave,

I am experiencing the same issue as you- have you found an app compatible with Shopify that will store the customers cc info if they do not return an item?

Thank you