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Shopify payments verification

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Hi, I own a Dutch LLC company and provided all of the legal documents, tax information, IDs and bank information as requested. However Shopify rejected verification, saying that I have to prove that products are actually being shipped from the Netherlands. I did so by preparing a test order, getting our Dutch fulfillment center to ship it and then providing Shopify support with the courier tracking number. The courier tracking number clearly shows that the package is picked up from our fulfillment center in the Netherlands and delivered to another address again in the Netherlands. Shopify support is somehow still not convinced about that.

On the other hand I feel like I have been trying to communicate with empty walls back and forth for the past two weeks, while I was trying to resolve this issue with Shopify support. They keep on rejecting verification without any meaningful reason at all, even though I have provided them everything they requested.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? How can I solve this one?

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