Shopify Payments vs / Chase

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Hey All, 


Currently my client has things set up with (payment gateway) and Chase (payment processor) [chase is connected to which is connected to shopify. This is costing them the Shopify fee + fee + chase fee.


I was looking at helping them switch to Shopify Payments, but am kinda worried about the negative comments on the community regarding shopify payments. 


We are in Canada. 


So - your suggestions... Shopify Payments? Chase? Other? 

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Shopify Partner
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Never go with Shopify payments, they steal money from clients.


They have blocked my client's payment and disabled Shopify payment for regular furniture and home decor products by saying that it is risky products. They have hold payment for 120 days which is unacceptable, no one holds payment for such a long period. Payment is around $900 and now my client is in a bad situation. They are just saying copy-paste reply like we have this..this..this policy and we need to hold it.
We were very excited to be a Shopify partner but after this incident, we have stopped recommending Shopify as the solution to our clients.