Shopify Pmnts put hold on account for selling pre-owned goods

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Has anyone else experienced this? We are an upscale pawn shop that sells designer handbags like Louis Vuitton etc and I received an email that our account has been shut down until I get a letter of authorization from Louis Vuitton and every other brand of goods I sell. 

We have legal title to all our goods and they are all authentic. We are licensed by the city and state. The rep I corresponded with pointed me to the TOS that said basically "no unauthorized or counterfeit goods". 

So basically if what he is telling me is true you can't sell any pre-owned goods through their payment system unless you made it yourself. It is so absurd my brain is aching from the conversation with him but he is adamant. 

I know I can use Paypal and we do but it is the principle of the thing.

Curious if anyone else has experienced this? 

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Shopify's reply to my protest is below. My question is how is selling a pre-owned Louis Vuitton that we own "unauthorized"? 

So every consignment store, pawn shop, handbag store that sells pre-owned bags is doing it "unauthorized" as they don't have a letter from LV? 

This is what he is demanding I produce. 

LV can't "authorize" someone to sell something they don't own. 

So by arbitrarily picking LV and Chanel to be removed or the payment gateway gets removed he is effectively able to charge me 2% more on everything we sell. 

How is this fair or even legal? 



Jun 23, 14:23 EDT

Hi David,

I linked you to our Terms of Service that clearly states we don't allow the unauthorized reselling of brand name products. Some brands are much more strict that other's, Chanel and Louis Vuitton being a few we need to be careful of.

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I need urgent help, my account & store has been locked for “adding unauthorized/branded products” and will be permanent by October 4th, tomorrow

 All products on my store are from Alibaba and I didn’t mean to add any copyrighted product. 
i do not want to lose my account, please I need help to get in and delete such products now. 

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Hello Shopify support, I need Urgent assistance on what to do. My store is locked and will be permanently disabled tomorrow if I do not remove the said trademarked product or submit the attestation form, but I don’t understand what “authentic used product” is .. part of the possible boxes to be checked on attestation form ..