Shopify producing low quality shipping labels yet Shipstation is crisp

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We've been using our Zebra printer 4x6 thermal labels for years via Shipstation for other products. Recently we added our Shopify store and now print the necessary labels directly through the interface. 

In comparison, the Shopify labels look low quality and compressed, whereas the ones printed via Shipstation (hooked to a non Shopify ecommerce site) are very crisp. In both instances, the printer settings are the same - 203 dpi, 4x6 thermal, printing from PDF. We have increased the dpi to 600 but the quality is the same. I even set up Chrome to save the PDFs, then open them via adobe reader but it didnt make a difference. My thought is Shopify is compressing the shipping label PDFs too much and thus creating a low quality label. 

This is not a huge inconvenience, but when you see the packages side by side, it looks like the difference between a cheap home printer job versus a quality print shop. 

What can we do?

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Hey Eastwood, did you ever find a solution to this? I use a Rollo thermal printer and the detail text on international shipping labels are nearly illegible they're so low resolution.

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Any update? Any solution? 

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Just opened a Shopify account and shipped my first label. I was surprised how bad the print quality was. I've purchased labels through USPS, Etsy, and several return labels from UPS and FedEx. We have a Rollo printer and the Shopify labels are by far the lowest quality.