Shopify put a hold on my ability to process credit cards from customers and wont tell me why?

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Hello fellow Shopify users,


 I am a small retail business owner and have been using Shopify for all my inventory and pos transactions for over a year now and this morning at 12:13am EST Shopify decided to put a hold on my account and now I cannot process credit card payments from my customers online or with card reader.  I have called the support line 5 times since 8:30am EST this morning and used the chat box to no avail.   I have only been told the case has been escalated, but still no response and no can even tell me why the account is on hold? 

I have been told by the support phone line that a different department team is working on investigated the reason for the hold, but cannot give me their contact number or email or any info to help resolve the issue.  Furthermore the support phone line folks do not have the capability to pass me along to a supervisor or anyone else to try and help.  The email I received at midnight about the hold said to contact the support team which I have done since 8:30am this morning.   Memorial Day weekend is a big sales event for us in New England and with the hold in place are sales will suffer greatly.   I am hoping a fellow user has some advice or better contact point.



frustrated shopify user

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