Shopify Puts Customers At Competitive Disadvantage Without Carrier Calculated Shipping

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Shipping is the single greatest hurdle any eCommerce store faces. It’s a reality of product sales that we can’t escape. And the fact that Shopify does not offer a feature they have already built for their big spending clients to their Professional package clients speaks to their actual commitment to giving their smaller clients a fighting chance in this business. 

$80 per month is a lot of money for a new shop. But it’s a commitment I am making because I want to be successful. Which means, that I need the tools necessary to make a real go of it. And shipping will, arguably, be the single biggest factor in my ability to compete on price in a highly competitive marketplace. After spending the past two weeks setting up my store, I have found Shopify’s basic shipping features to be woefully inadequate. 

Here’s the deal. I did my research. I’m still opening an account with Shopify because I think they offer the most well-rounded platform for eCommerce - between their integrated payment gateway (Stripe) and their POS offerings. 

But if after six months, I find that I am losing customers because they don’t want to pay $8 to ship a $10 item to them because I can’t offer real shipping rates … I’ll cancel my account and migrate to one of Shopify’s competitors.

Shopify stands to earn a lot of money from me. All I need are the basic tools to make it work. And Carrier Calculated Shipping is a no-brainer. It should be part of both the Professional AND Unlimited packages. And I shouldn’t have to pay an additional $100 per month for their Unlimited plan OR an additional $20 per month simply to turn on the feature for a Professional plan. 

And I can’t afford to “offer free shipping” … which is the best advice Shopify can offer. Baffling. Simply baffling. 

A Professional package that doesn’t offer Carrier Calculated Pricing isn’t actually a “professional” plan. Is it?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey Paul, 

Thanks for providing your feedback regarding this feature. I'll be passing along these comments to our sales team and have submitted a feature request on your behalf to have this feature added "out of the box" with our professional plan. If/when it does, you'll be notified directly to your account email. 

In the mean time, one other option to get that feature added on is this. Currently we are running a promotion where if you sign up for a one year subscription with us, the carrier calculated shipping feature is added for free. On top of that for signing up for one year, you'll be receiving a 10% discount off your subscription fees. Just another option to consider. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team 24/7! 


Matt Sharpe l Shopify Guru

Matt | Shopify 
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Thanks for the response Matt,

Few thoughts:

1. I've already had the CCS added to my account for $20/mo. I've also already paid Shopify for a year in advance. This offer wasn't mentioned. I'll follow up with support.

2. Additional thoughts on the CCS. It's not 100% adequate or accurate. The problem is that weight alone is a lousy method to price products because the USPS also bases their rates on the packaging dimensions. While CCS is helpful. It's inadequate. Fortunately for me, my products all fall within a range that is acceptable for CCS rates. But I can see how other vendors (and potential products I may offer) would have an impossible time determining shipping fees as long as Shopify doesn't include a means of calculating rates using ALL USPS & UPS & FedEx criteria for determining postage fees.

Weight + (packaging) Dimensions. 

​I know this can be done. Because your partners (Shipstation, Ordoro, etc.) and competitors already do this. Problem is shipping fees are set in Shopify. So there's still guesswork involved. I've already gotten burned with UPS rates using CCS in Shopify only to find in Ordoro, the actual rate was $3 higher because of package dimensions. 

Food for thought. 

3. Another CCS item. At this time, ALL USPS rates are not included. Not only do "standard" rates not typically appear - usually only priority and first class - but additional rates like Media Mail are not an option. I sell books, so Media Mail is really helpful. Shaves up to $6 off per order for shipping depending on zip code. I've created basic flat-rate fees for this to get around the issue. I'm simply curious whether or not the USPS API allows developers to tie in ALL their rate plans and not simply the standard plans. 

Cheers and Happy New Year,





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I concur on many of Paul's points. To be candid, as a very, very new e-commerce store with Shopify, not having this feature available without comitting to a significantly higher monthly fee has me currently exploring alternatives. Initially, I really thought that the Canada Post App that I installed would do the trick and from my perspective, they would bear the brunt of the work. I supply the weights of my products....and voila! - Canada Post does the rest. It is also very difficult to find an application (free) that will support a free shipping discount based on a "Dollar" amount. All I can find is based on weight - or $ and % discounts.

I am open to any suggestions from the forum.....



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I completely agree.  It is straight up ridiculous that my "professional" plan does not include carrier based shipping.  It should be included in the PROFESSIONAL plan.  I absolutely refuse to pay $100 more to have the feature.  It was a free feature for the most basic of webpages on the Joomla platform.  I agree with the other posters that I will be looking at alternative platforms for my store, as I will not pay an extra $100 a month for the feature.  I will not pay $20 a month for the feature either.  If you have an ecommerce site 99% of the time you are shipping your products to your customers.  I understand the need to unlock features or hold back features to move people up to more expensive plans....  but determining the cost to ship your items is a basic need, and one that UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc provide at no charge, just unlock the feature, it is silly.



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It should be part of all packages! Who can run or set up there own shipping in a store without help or spending more money. A false and disappointing offer!

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Funny how this post was labeled outdated when it's actually the topic of the day for Shopify users.

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i would like to add my voice to this cause. calculated shipping should be default with all plans.

Other platforms do it, and there should be no reason this is not default.

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Cannot agree more. Please add a smarter realtime shipping calculator to the Professional Package. With smarter I also mean a calculator that is more accurate than the current RTCS. At this point we can only compete by having fixed tiered pricing, or more accurate (and mostly lower) pricing on shipping.


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I agree, it would add a clear value for Shopify offering from one side and result in more happy customers.

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