Shopify rejects American Express Corporate Cards

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We operate an online florist and gift basket shop in Seattle. We currently use Shopify Payments.

Without exception, every time a customer attempts to use an American Express Corporate card, it is rejected. This is incredibly frustrating as Microsoft uses AMEX corporate cards and we are trying to build our corporate gifting customer base. We have had to use Square to process payments (outside of our website) from these customers in the past, and I am certain we have lost business because people were unable to pay online.

Recently, an out of state customer from another company attempted to use two different corporate American Express cards and both were rejected. When the customer called American Express, they were told that their company (the buyer's company) had blacklisted us and was not allowing payments. I am quite certain that this is not the case, as we a very small florist and there is no reason that this would be the case, especially by a company in another state that has never had any contact with us before.

So... this has me wondering if perhaps there is some sort of American Express Corporate card blacklist of Shopify merchants, perhaps based on a historical experience with a scam website using Shopify? I'm fishing here - I have no idea what the problem might be or who to ask about this. I don't know if I should be talking to someone at Shopify or someone at American Express, and if the answer is either one, exactly WHO should I talk to? All I know is that we are losing customers with this problem and I have no idea where to turn.

I should note that it is not all American Express cards that are rejected, only corporate cards.

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Has Shopify replied to yo at all? I see no reply here, and no helpful reply anywhere else in the community.

Shopify! How do we use corporate AMEX?? We're loosing money!