Shopify shipping claims don't really exist, if ups loses your package support will infite loop you

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I had UPS damage and lose a package back to back and tried to open a shopify shipping claim with ticket ID 23396536.

You cannot contact UPS directly since you are not the shipper (shopify is the shipper).   So I'm at the mercy of this shopify guy looping me with the same questions.


He keeps looping me on the following statement, I've answered his questions  and provided pictures and when I ask for an update he sends me the questions again.  This Kato guy may be a robot.  I call in and shopify won't let me talk to a manager.  Shopify has no support for shipping claims and just loops you until you give up.   I wanted to provide this feedback for anyone considering using shopify or their shipping service.



Again, if you are not able to use the claims portal with UPS, I can relay this information directly to their representative so we can get this information to them in a timely manner. But we will need to confirm as much of the requested information in order to assist UPS to continue their investigation.

They have requested the for serial numbers, product codes, purchase order numbers, and any other pertinent information on the merchandise can help us locate the items.

Here is a list of the details for the merchandise that they also requested for:
• Brand
• Color
• Model number



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Hey @monstertuned 

That is so frustrating. Have you consider insuring your shipments? We created the InsureShield app so you can affordably cover shipping mishaps, including damaged or lost packages. You'll also have expedited reshipment up to 20% of the insured value of the goods. Most claims are paid in a matter of days and you would be stuck in the question asking abyss. Check out our app and let us know what you think!

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The request is blocked.
when adding the app