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hello everyone, I have contacted the assistance several times but no one has ever been able to answer my question concretely. My problem is the following. since I have more than 100 products that I have listed for sale through the cjdropshipping site, I wanted to know how to set up the shipment considering the fact that it varies from product to product, from country to country and from where I ship. I can't enter a basic shipping fee for each product because if I ship for example to Italy it costs me 5 dollars for shipping while if I ship to Switzerland it costs me 15. Does anyone know how I can solve it? I don't know how to do it anymore

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Claudiodangeli,


You should be able to use Profiles and Shipping Zones to achieve this.


You can create a custom shipping profile for each product set that has similar shipping rates. To do this, go to your Shipping and delivery settings, then, in the 'Custom shipping rates' section, click on 'Create new profile'. Add products with similar shipping rates to the profile. Repeat these steps for each group of products.


Within each Profile, you can assign a unique shipping rate to each shipping zone, so you can create zones for each country or region you ship to. To do this, go to your Shipping and delivery settings, then click 'Manage' in the Shipping section. Scroll down to where it says 'Shipping from', then click on 'Create shipping zone'. Once you have created zones for each country or region, click 'Add rate' within each one.


Let's say you have Profile A and Profile B. In Profile A, the shipping rate to Switzerland is 15. But in Profile B, the shipping rate to Switzerland is 17. When a customer from Switzerland orders products from both profiles, they will pay 32 for shipping at checkout.


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