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Shopify Shipping - US based company but wants to ship from the UK

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I couldn't find an answer about Shopify Shipping from the UK. My company is based in the US but I am manufacturing in the UK. I would like to ship from the UK and use Shopify Shipping. Is this possible? I know Shopify Shipping isn't available for non-US/Canada vendors, but I am not sure about my situation.



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Hi @GameBall 

You can add the location as a 'Shipping From' location in your settings....


However, you will not be able to use Shopify Shipping. If you want to show calculated rates at checkout, you will need to connect your carrier accounts or an app to do so.

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I figured that would be the case (thank you). I will look into a fulfillment service in the UK.

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Hi there! Why not use a US 3PL if you are going to be shipping to customers in the US?