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Hi Team

I am having issues with shipping. I currently sell about 16 styles of lanterns, that are all in their individual boxes. They weight 1-2 kg but vary in size from 8cm - 50cm in height and widths from 2-3cm to 30 or 40cm.


Is there an app that i can enter dimensions for each product in, calculates the postage for the customer automatically then confirms?


Even better it gives me a variety of carriers to use. I am losing quite alot on shipping as currently it is flat rate and if they order 6-10 big items it will cost 100.00 aud or more when i chsrged 20.00 flat rate😶


Any help or advice would be great



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Hi @Zayd687,


PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App is exactly what will solve your requirements!


The app allows you to configure product weight & dimensions and get accurate rates based on them automatically. Also, you will be able to use multiple carriers like UPS, Australia Post, FedEx, Sendle, DHL, and more. 


The app comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can install it & see if this is what works for you. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts if you have any queries!

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Hello @Zayd687 


Fare Freight  give the ability to not just to set dimensions, package type. 

Also you can add as much carriers as possible to get your customers the best rates. 


It is still new, however the team behind it is very supportive and adding carriers every week, you can simply ask them for specific carrier if yours is not there. 


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