Shopify shut down my store, I cannot refund/ship out products due to this.

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     Hello Shopify community, my store was shut down around 3 weeks ago and support said they'll get back to me 48-72 days later, its now 3 weeks later and had to re-reach out to support to get it quicker last night since they never reviewed it/got back to me. I got the email this morning saying they reviewed my store and cannot keep my store up and I can no longer use Shopify platform (fyi: I did nothing wrong, they said it was because of potential high chargeback rate which I got 5 after my store was shutdown which you can expect.) 

   Now that you have the back story, because of this reason I have no access to any of the Shopify tools so I cannot refund any customers or even ship out my products to customers due to a huge lack of information. When I try to log into my store it simply just says " is currently unavailable." Since I cannot do anything, I can't refund my customers or ship out my products, I a now become criminal and a scammer because of this, my only sole reliance is for customers to chargeback since I can't refund them (Btw a chargeback has a $15 feee) This makes me and Shopify criminal and this is a crime. I don't know why Shopify supports this because this incredibly unbelievable and they could probably get sued for this. ITS LITERAL CRIMINAL HOW I CANNOT REFUND OR SHIP ANYTHING, I'm like an international scammer now because of this. I literally respond to my customers emails saying this, "

Hello, Shopify the hosting for the website decided to shut down the website and not give us any information, this leads us to not being able to seeing any information about our customers, store, orders, or anything. Due to this we cannot refund anyone or even ship out our products due to a lack of information & tools. I'm incredibly sorry...
_______ team"
Does that look right at all to you guys? Because it does not to me.
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