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Hey all, 


I managed two marketplaces (US and Canada) with the same SKU name but different inventory on Amazon. For example, Product A in the US warehouse has 10 units there, while in the Canada warehouse only has 5. 


I recently synced my inventory from Amazon to Shopify using Bytestand, which correctly displayed my inventory unit for both marketplaces. My goal is to have two marketplace inventory linked to two pages (US currency and CA currency), so the order when placed won't interfere each other.




In this case, how do I do the setting when a customer places an order from Canada, my order will be sent from Canada instead of the US inventory? 


I was taken an approach to fix issue - I am a bit confused cause I now duplicate my same product listing on Shopify and add suffix -CA to the product, and it now just show two products with suffix and without suffix...


What should I do now?



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Hi TinaCc,

This is Cara from ByteStand. 


For the ByteStand integration, you have completed the correct steps in duplicating your product listings on Shopify. The reason a Shopify store with Amazon inventory in multiple marketplaces must duplicate their Shopify listings is for 'inventory tracking' only. This does not affect the fulfillment of orders at all. 


As Amazon will only ship your CA orders to your CA customers and use your FBA CA inventory. Same for the US. US orders are shipped to US customers using your US inventory quantity. 


But, if you are wanting to update your Shopify products inventory quantity in Shopify, unfortunately, you do have to duplicate your Shopify product listings. Like you already have. As Shopify only allows us to update inventory for one location on a product listing. There currently is no way for us to update inventory levels for 1 product listing with multiple locations. 


It sounds like you are now ready to 'hide' your duplicate product listings from customers on your website. As you do not want the US products and the CA products showing to all customers as it could confuse them. The easiest answer is to use a integration like 'LockSmith' 


LockSmith gives you the ability to show specific products to specific countries. For Example: Canada would only see SKU's stored in Canada. Below is some information on LockSmith. We are also not owners/creators of Locksmith and thus we are not LockSmith experts. We do have multiple stores that utilize this app and are successful with it.


Create a Lock This is how you create a 'lock' It looks like you will have to duplicate your products and place them in 3 different collections. Then you can 'lock' the correct locations so only the correct customers (based off of their IP Address ) can see the items in their country.)


This tells you how to 'lock based off of location' Try this article.


You could also check out Shopifys new 'Markets' section which may be a free alternative? You can check this out on Shopify in your Settings > Markets.


I hope this helps! You can email us back at as well.