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Shopify Support Doesnt Respond

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Hi, I reached out to Shopify Support and the reps gave me wrong information on how to deal with an error, which caused me to email dozens of customers with wrong info. I looped back to the Shopify Support but they then just stopped responding. Literally no response to multiple follow ups on my end. I opened a new ticket and got the same thing.


My issue is complicated and involves an error Shopify acknowledged it had with PayPal. The error was new to the support reps, and seemed to be complex for them to untangle. To the point where I am not even getting a reply anymore. I have a few questions I am hoping to have answered before I take the steps that they recommended with all my customers.


The most current ticket is:


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@YIWO , hope you are doing well.


what exactly issue you are facing with Shopify? could you please explain in detail?

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I have the same issue with Shopify right now. Issue with the so called  Shopify experts they recommend to use.  My "expert" was just not good at all.  4 contacts later and I am still waiting for Shopify to reply.  Needless to say, I have paid for a year in advance with Shopify and thus far my experiences tell me not to give Shopify a second year of my income.